For those who aspire and achieve: a taste of university life in English-speaking countries

Kingdom Education offers high school students the chance to take an exciting and challenging summer programme which will really make a difference to plans for future study, and even for a future career.

If you’re a parent or teacher of a teenager aged 14-16 or 16-18, please click here for a detailed introduction.

If you’re aged 14-16 or 16-18 yourself, come and join us: this is what you’ll be doing…

  • You’ll spend two or three weeks staying on the campuses of leading universities – in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Most of our programmes are multi-centre, so you’ll stay in more than one location.  Check out our study centres.
  • You’ll take a course which will introduce you to a subject which you’re probably not studying at school, but might wish to study at university level – things like business, design, engineering, medicine, law. All our courses are really hands-on and stimulating: you’ll find full details here.
  • Then, when you’re not working on a project or a presentation, gaining experience and confidence, you’ll be on a study visit, generally to a university in the area – checking out your options for the future. An an alternative, visit some of the great galleries and museums.
  • So how does it all fit together… and how much does it cost? Take a look at our dates and fees.  You can also find a detailed timetable for every programme.

It’s really easy to apply: just do it online.

Need more information?  Contact details are here.

Our mission statement

‘Our mission is to provide ambitious young minds with the foundations for success in a global context. To this end, we offer life-changing experiences at centres of academic excellence across the English-speaking world, together with guidance on applying to top universities and on pursuing top careers.
Our philosophy is that success depends not just on the ability to memorise and prepare for examinations, but also on critical and independent thought, on commitment and passion, on creativity and imagination, on teamwork and debate.’

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